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By achievement of the special goal of İzmir Foundation of Culture Arts and Education, MÜZİKSEV;

• Will have taken an important step on the road to preserving and enrichening the artistic memory of İzmir and beside İKSEV’s own archives, will present the instrument collections, orchestral partitions, and sound record archives and personal items belonging to İzmirian collectioners and the prominent composers of İzmir donated or planned to be donated to the service of the national and international world of music,
• Will constitute an important center for the scientific researches in music area.
• By using all the possibilites of the contemporary technology, will make all the assets in its collection a focus of interest for the young generations and thus will constitute a bridge between the past and the future.
• Will support the image of İzmir which is aimed to be mentioned with tourism and congresses with services and events within the scope of arts and culture tourism.

This Project will directly contribute to the actualization of the vision ‘’To be a world city with competitive power and high life quality that preserves and ensures sustainability of its rich natural, historical, cultural and human resources and integrates them with innovation and technology which has decreased the intra regional and interregional differences ‘’ determined for İzmir in 20007-2009 Preliminary Regional Development Plan prepared by İZKA and approved by the Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization.

The Project will also contribute to the objective ‘’ By enhancing the competitivity of the region in tourism by diversification of tourism in İzmir (TR31) region’’ of the Program. With MÜZİKSEV that it will open to service, the Project will constitute a new center for art and culture activities in İzmir where art and culture events in international quality are realized while bringing in a specialization museum and library to İzmir.

The Project is directly related with the 1st priority of the Program which is expressed as ’’preservation of the natural, historical (ruins etc.) and cultural legacy in the region and cause them to be gained by tourism’’: The Project will be effective in adding the historical and cultural heritage assets in different qualifications to tourism by preserving them.

Preserving and developing the historical city texture and adding it to tourism: The Project will be applied in one of the old centers of the city named as ‘’Punta’’ in a historical building left from the 19th century. The said building is a neigbour to the buildings in character of an attraction point where various cultural and artistic events are realized throughout the year like the Historical Natural Gas Factory and Alsancak Train Station, TCDD(Turkish State Railways) Museum and Art Gallery, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Library, the building complex which was built in the Pre-Republican period as Tobacco Administration and used as İzmir Cigarette Factory and is planned to be refunctioned, the historical building belonging to the British Consulate, the historical St.John Church which is also a stage for concerts. MÜZİKSEV, by supporting the new functions of this area, will be efficient for it to become a stronger point of attraction in respect of tourism.

Preserving and developing the cultural heritage and adding it to tourism:
In MÜZİKSEV, the precious accumulations of the Izmirian music experts and music lovers entrusted to İKSEV will be preserved, their maintenance will be made and they will be shared by the amateur and professional musicians and the public opinion mainly by the young generations in a way that will present opportunities of teaching-education, culture and entertainment to the beneficiaries.

In consequences, since the Project will support the alternative tourism activities like city tourism, culture tourism, congress, and from time to time will be the center of these activities, it is directly concerned with the 2nd priority of the Program which is expressed as ‘’ development of alternative tourism varieties like rural, urban, congress and culture tourism.’’

Positive interaction with art culture tourism activities: MÜZİKSEV will get strength from the experience and accumulations provided by İKSEV’s respectable music events it has been carrying on for 25 years and will play an important role in İzmir’s reaching a better status among the destinations of art and culture tourism in Europe.

Positive interaction with congress tourism activities: mekan sunacaktır-The multipurpose hall that will be equipped with professional conference sound system within MÜZİKSEV in consideration of the needs reflected by the various institutions and corporations in İzmir, will offer a new venue where the local, national and international events of the stakeholders in the city can be realized.

Since the Project will constitute a point of attraction with high accessibility in respect of foreign visitors due to its position inside the historical texture located within walking distance from Alsancak Harbour to the city in İzmir where cruise tourism is gradually developing, it will also indirectly affect the 3rd priority of the program which is ‘’developing alternative sea tourism varieties (sea sports, cruise tourism, etc.) positively.

In the Ninth Development Plan Tourism Special Expertise Commission report; tourism has been one of the sectors which have shown a significant leap in the last 20 years in the Turkish economy in respect of the added value, employment and foreign currency income it has created. Between the years 2000-2005, the share of Turkish tourism within the international tourism income has reached 2,9 from 1,6.-In the same period, the number of foreign tourists has raised from 10,4 million people to 21,1 million people and the tourism income from 7,6 billion dollars to 18,2 billion dollars. With this increase in the tourist number and the foreign currency income Turkey is ranked the 12th in the rating of the countries receiving the highest number of tourists and the 8th in income. At the end of the Ninth Development Plan term, the tourism income is estimated to reach 36,4 billion dollars and the number of visitors to 38 million. In the same report, while failure to pursuit diversity sufficiently in the area of tourism is evaluated as a weak point; increase of interest to nature, history and culture tourism in the world which Turkey has high competitive power, increase in the attractiveness of the East Mediterranean Region at the consequence of the pollution in the West Mediterrranean and the increase in number of experienced tourists with high education level are listed as important opportunities. In the Ninth Development Plan, tourism, as an important means of development, is intended to take an active role in Sustainable Development Strategies. It has been announced that priority will be given to culture tourism in the policies developed within this scope.

İzmir, with its rich natural environs and vast background that accommodates the historical heritage belonging to various cultures, is a province where tourism activities have developed in relatively early periods. According to the records of the Directorate General of Security, in the year 2008, 1.034.064 of the 26.336.677 foreigners who enter into Turkey from various countries of the world are checking in from İzmir. According to 2008 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, except the day trippers, the number of foreign tourists who come to İzmir is 1.028.820.-
Again, according to TÜİK data, 282.795 of the 694.644 foreigners who enter into Turkey by sea are checking in from İzmir Harbour. İzmir, as well as being one of the important centers of attraction in Turkey in respect of culture tourism, also gains a gradually increasing prestige in the international plan with its art activities organized regularly in the recent years. These activities, while on one hand contributing to the introduction of İzmir and the region, conduce to important tourism movements on the other hand.

The development of culture tourism is possible by preserving and introducing the cultural values of the society. In these efforts, museums play a very important role. According to the data taken from İZKA’s (İzmir Development Agency) Table of Basic Indicators for İzmir, 16 of the 44 museums created with different contents and concepts which show activity in TR31 Region dependent to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are located in İzmir.

According to the same resource, the numbers of the museum visitors are 1.094.070 in the Region and 312.33 in İzmir. In other words, only about 1/3 of the tourists who visit the region are visiting our museums.

One reason for the numbers of museum visitors to be low is our museums’ focusing mainly on collecting, preserving and exhibiting functions. However on our day, museums are needed to be managed as a permanent focus of interest that can be visited again and again with changes and innovations. Now, each one as a widespread educational institution, museums must function as culture centers that intend to educate the public and to transfer culture and science to the society, which transform learning into a pleasure.

Specialized museums may also form important points of attraction for tourism.
Within this scope, a music museum and library that will be actualized in association with the international music events which constitute one of the strong aspects of İzmir in respect of culture and art tourism will be an initiative that will support the efforts in this area. In Turkey, the studies in the direction of creating a Music Museum are carried on by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A center where the efforts in this area are very advanced is İzmir.

İKSEV has been organizing the ‘’International İzmir Festival’’ since 1987 and the ‘’İzmir European Jazz Festival’’ since 1994 uninterruptedly. Within the scope of the festivals, more than 3000 concerts consisting of the performances of the most distinguished artists of the world have occurred in the antique venues which have witnessed İzmir’s past of 8000 years. The available sound and image records of these concerts carry importance in respect of the history of music. Since the year 1994, İKSEV has been organizing the ‘’Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı National Composition Contest’’ biennually with the aim of encouraging our young composers who produce symphonic music works. With these contests 135 new works were added to the contemporary polyphonic Turkish Music until today. The orchestral partitions of the contest works and the live sound and image records of all the finale concerts are also important archive materials. İKSEV, within the scope of its studies intended to preserve its corporate memory and to share it with the public, has taken over the usufructuary right of the historical building consisting of 500 square meter closed and 1000 square meter open area with its outbuilding and the settlement area located in İzmir – Alsancak 1458 sokak map section 204, city block 1281, parcel 3 of which the ownership had passed to Worker Placement Agency after being registered by Superior Board of Immovable Cultural Assets in 1985 with the protocol it made with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security General Directorate of Turkish Labor Institution on January 14, 2002.

The relievo and restoration projects that İKSEV has made prepared in 2002 was approved by İzmir Board of Protecting the Cultural and Natural Assets and have been executed under the supervision of Konak Municipality with the budget provided by İzmir Governorship. The final acceptance of the building has been made by İKSEV on February 2, 2008.

The studies İKSEV started with the aim of filing its own activities and opening them to use were enriched in time in a way that will lead to a new concept with new donations in 2008 :

The Traditional Turkish Musical Instruments collection: The collection consisting of about 200 musical instruments of musicologist and collectioner Güner Özkan that he has created with the researches and excursions in the geographical territory where Turkic tribes live, mainly being Anatolia, throughout a period of 50 years, with donations and purchases and he continues to extend have been donated to İKSEV on November 2008. Among the wind, percussion, bowed, plectrum (stringed) instruments that constitute the collection, musical instruments which have moral values as high as their historical values belonging to important music men (for example: Folk Poet Emin Demirayak of Dirmil’s bağlama) and made by the famous luthiers of that period (For example: oud made by Agop Gördikyan of Bursa, 70 year old tamboura bağlama of the master titled ‘’Double Plectrum’’ of İzmir) are found. Also, the 110 year old Uzbek-Afghan rebab, the rubab which was made in China – Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and decorated with materials like ivory, bone, horn, various folk instruments made in Anatolia by masters whose names are unknown and survived to our day (like baglama,eagle’s wing bone cıgırtma) are among the precious pieces of the collection. The collection has been enriched with the replicas made of the musical instruments brought to light in archeological excavations, seen in miniatures and/or fresques, in old manuscripts by using technology similar to the technology of that day.

The Sound Archive: The collection consisting of 8 thousand recordings compiled by the Izmirian music lover Celasun Muşkara throughout his life containing rare works whose possibility to be found on our day is very low and is described as one of the most precious five collections in Turkey has also been donated to İKSEV in 2008. In the collection consisting of, besides numerous concertos for fourteen different instruments from Harpsichord to Harp, numerous symphonies of fortyeight symphony composers interpreted by the most important orchestras under the conduct of legendary conductors and suites, solo instrument works, operettas, operas and ballet works, works of total 131 composers in a wide range on-going from the Baroque Epoch to twentieth century are found. As well as total 1.325 opera recordings from the most important interpreters who have made their mark in the history of music, The First and Second Piano Concertos of the Turkish composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun also hold a place. In the collection that may be defined as a rich Classical Western music archive, other than Classical Western Music Works, Jazz, Flamenco and Classical Turkish Music records are also available.

Apart from these, MÜZİKSEV is carrying on its efforts for creating a Contemporary Turkish Composers Musical Note Library for the preservation, chronological documentation and reproduction of the works of the Contemporary Turkish Composers, for them to be recorded and popularized by the performances of important performers. To that end, negotiations with the composers among whom there are contemporary composers and the composers and their heirs including the Turkish Five are being made. İlhan Usmanbaş, Muammer Sun, Yalçın Tura have verbally expressed that they may deliver their works to such an institution. Daughters of deceased Ulvi Cemal Erkin have declared that they wished to donate his piano where he made his compositions as well as their father’s works. Families of Necil Kazım Akses, Cengiz Tanç, İstemihan Taviloğlu and Mehmet Aktuğ have also remarked positive opinions.

When these contributions are taken into consideration, redesign of the mentioned building as a comprehensive center consisting of exhibition areas, archive, maintenance/repair, sound record library and a multi-purpose hall and to be organized as an education, research center tor serve as MÜZİKSEV where the collections donated to İKSEV can be exhibited according to contemporary museology understanding, the sounds of the exhibited instruments can be listened with the state-of-the-art equipment from the performances of their best interpreters, where every kind of recordings from the gramophone records to festival concerts, from performances of famous artists to the recordings of important congresses and seminars mainly being culture congresses that will be available in the sound archive of tlibrary will be benefited from has become an emergency.

The target groups that have been defined in order for the MÜZİKSEV Project to be implemented successfully and to reach the targeted beneficiary groups are listed below:

The art and culture institutions and organizations: The local, national and international art and culture institutions and organizations constitute the most important target group of the Project. About 20 institutions being İzmir State Opera and Ballet, İzmir State Symphony Orchestra, 9 Eylül University State Conservatory and Musicology Department, Ege University Turkish Music Conservatory, İzmir State Classical Turkish Music Chorus, İzmir State Theatre, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles within the organization of the Universities, private institutions and corporations that give art education are included in the target group. Collaborations with the music and musical intrument museums in Europe will also be made.

Civil society organizations: 50 CSOs that will be designated among the 300 civil society organizations that carry out studies in the area of music and cultural heritage management and/or perform activity with the aim of social and economic development of the 4600 civil society organizations active in İzmir are included among the target groups of the project.

Tourism establishments: In İzmir, total 542 tourism establishments being 130 hotels, 72 tourism licensed catering facilities, 340 tourism agencies show activity. All of these establishments will be reached through various channels and trade bodies. Within this framework, throughout the Project, MÜZİKSEV visit is targeted to be included in at least 5 tour organizations.

Managements of the points of attraction in the historical area: The management and decision authorities of the institutions in character of attraction point where various cultural and artistic events are realized throughout the year like the Historical Natural Gas Factory and Alsancak Train Station, TCDD(Turkish State Railways) Museum and Art Gallery, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Library, the authority responsible for the building complex which was built in the Pre-Republican period as Tobacco Administration and used as İzmir Cigarette Factory and is planned to be refunctioned, the historical building belonging to the British Consulate, the historical St.John Church which is also a stage for concerts found within the historical city texture where MÜZİKSEV is located are also included in the target group of the project .

With MÜZİKSEV’s opening to service, the beneficiaries of the project are listed below:

Domestic and foreign musicologists, academicians, professional and amateur music researchers and musicians: Though it is not possible to determine the number of MÜZİKSEV’s potential users and beneficiaries, in İzmir there is one formal education institution giving music education at secondary education level and five at higher education level. About 2000 music students having education in one academic year, 500 researchers and academicians and professional and amateur music researchers will be the potential beneficiaries of the project. Among these, throughout the project it is targeted for at least 100 researchers to benefit from the sound library.

Foreign visitors: İzmir hosts over 1 million foreign tourists in a year. About one third of these enter from İzmir Port which is located in walking distance to MÜZİKSEV. The Project aims to reach all of the tourists who visit İzmir with its introduction activities. With the events that will be held, hosting about 1000 foreign visitors within the 6 months that the service will be presented is targeted.

Local visitors: It is aimed MÜZİKSEV to be visited by individuals and groups from every age group (pre-school age groups, elementary education, secondary education and university students and adults) living in İzmir. The Project aims to inform all the İzmir citizens about MÜZİKSEV with its introduction activities. With the events that will be held, hosting about 2000 local visitors within the 6 months that the service will be presented is targeted.

Needs and problems of the target groups: Institutions and organizations of art and culture: The observations, the negotiations with probable stakeholders made while the project was being designed have shown that there are amateur and professional organizations in İzmir who try to show activity in the area of music and performing arts however from time to time have difficulty in access to the venues where they can realize their activities as exhibitions, performances, concerts, etc. For example, the State Theatre does not have a stage in Alsancak. İzmir Children’s Ballet lives difficulty in staging works due to space constraints. A stage that possesses certain technical equipments will be able to play an important role in filling this deficiency.

Including the state, private and civil institutions showing activity in the city in the area of art and culture into the project introduction meetings and the process at the stage of planning and program creating; will ease them to benefit from the facilities of MÜZİKSEV when needed with the purpose of carrying out their own operations and/or by easing their target groups to benefit from these facilities and will ensure the institution to be embraced and become a living center.

Some of the art and culture institutions and organizations in İzmir, as natural members of İKSEV Board of Directors will constitute a bridge between MÜZİKSEV and institutions and organizations in respect of announcement and support of the activities.

Civil society organizations: The civil society organizations which show activity in the area of art and culture and provide education and social support services to various target groups in the direction of realization of the social and economic development objectives need new facilities, new venues that they may organize their events in. Informing the civil society organizations while the introduction activities and event programs of MÜZİKSEV are prepared and ensuring their participation carry importance for the institution to be embraced and for the numbers of visitors to increase.

Tourism establishments: The establishments and firms which show activity in the area of tourism in İzmir need to offer a wider product range to their own target groups. MÜZİKSEV will be a new point of attraction that will support the urban tourism activities. Including the tourism establishments into the process during MÜZİKSEV’s planning and program creating stage; will ensure them to evaluate/direct the activities to be realized in accordance with the needs of their target masses and support the introductions that will be made for this purpose and the efforts to increase the number of visitors.

Managements of the points of attraction in the historical area : The museum building is located within a historical city texture that was almost entirely preserved and refunctioned by being restored recently. In the mentioned urban area various artistic, cultural and social events are being held. Survival of such a special area is possible with sustaining the expected interest to its activities. A communication and cooperation network that will be established between these points that are in walking distance with each other will enhance the power of attraction of the area as a whole.

The needs and problems of the beneficiaries: Domestic and foreign musicologists, academicians, professional and amateur music researchers and musicians: : In our country, the resources needed to make research and carry out studies in the area of music are limited with official and private archives, university archives and libraries. Many artists who come to İzmir through the Festivals organized by İKSEV want to get acquainted with the traditional Turkish Music instruments and the masters of this music, to obtain information about the ethnographic properties of these instruments and to learn how they are played. MÜZİKSEV with the state-of-the-art technology support peculiar to the area will create an environment that supports the research and production efforts in the musical area by meeting the needs of the amateurs and professionals who carry out researches in the area of music at the highest level and offer production opportunities to domestic and foreign musicians to meet and to produce in interaction with each other.

Foreign visitors: On our day, cultural heritage is seen as a means of understanding the past and creating a peaceful and democratic environment sustainable at local, regional and global scale in the future. The unprecedented opportunities observed in communication and access possibilities in the 20th century have brought with itself an understanding of aesthetic which gradually becomes monotonous where similar technologies are used in development of human settlements. On the other hand, the new possibilities provided by technology and the increase in the general level of welfare have enhanced people’s access to unique and real life experiences as a part of their individual development needs. This fact has required reorganization of service providing in the area of tourism too as well as many other areas. The service organization needed for mass tourism that has developed and become widespread as a product of the industrial society in the midst of the 20th century is leaving its place to customized programs for small groups and even individuals. Now, the purpose of the tourism movements has surpassed the conventional vacation definitions and in a meaning has turned into a process of learning by living. Thus, the experience opportunities unique to local cultural heritages are among the leading factors of attraction for the tourist movements of our day. MÜZİKSEV will offer such an opportunity of experience for the foreign visitors.

Local visitors: On our day, the individual’s self-development and actualization has gained importance to the extent that cannot be limited with formal education and the concept of Lifelong Learning has extended the scope of education and diffused its duration to a much wider interval than the ordinary. As one of the most effective means of self-actualization of the human being, art and culture activities are gradually gaining importance in development of societies. MÜZİKSEV will create various learning opportunities for visitors from every age group (pre-school age groups, elementary education, secondary education and university students and adults) living in İzmir with the aim of meeting their needs of development and self-actualization.

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